2022 High Holidays

2022 High Holy Days

Come share the spirit & wisdom of these Holy Days,
a time of prayer, music, reflection, and learning.
A time of return and healing.
Let us realign our connection to self, others, and the world.

The services are Renewal, accessible and inclusive,
In the tradition of our teacher Rabbi Hanan Sills (Z"L).
We draw from traditional, mystical, and contemporary sources.
We invite new interpretations, spontaneous expressions,
and powerful music to awaken the deeper truths.

Ad Olam High Holy Days are uplifting, life-affirming, and transformative,
All are welcome whatever your background. 

All events are subject to change due to several factors. Check back here before events.
Do not come if you have fever, cough, or other Covid symptoms.

Suggested donation of $25 for each Service
Please help us to continue these services (click here)

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Chagal Mural

Sunday, September 25th

Rosh Hashanah Evening - Happy New Year

         At Spirit Heart Eugene
          1345 W. 16th Ave. - see directions below

6:45 pm – Meditation and Seating
7:00 pm – Service in Song with Rob Tobias, Jordan Michels, Aruna Beth Rose, and guests Chico Schwall, Len Seligman, and Debby Sugarman.
       Original Story from the Fools of Chelm (Yitzhak's Hopelessness) by Jordan
9:00 pm – Kiddush (Juice or Wine, Apples, and Challah)

See videos of the service here



Tuesday, October 4th

Evening Yom Kippur Service (Kol Nidre)
           At Spirit Heart Eugene
               1345 W. 16th Ave. - see directions below

6:15 - Meditation and Seating
6:30 - Service. Music led by Aruna Beth Rose with Rob Tobias and Jordan Michels. Cello with Amy Danziger, additional singers Mara Cook, and others. Renewal style music, prayer, and teaching

(This event will be on YouTube, not Zoom)


Wednesday, October 5

Yom Kippur Morning Service with Torah and Yizkor (Memorial Service)

     Zoom Service (see below)

Facilitated by Emily Fox and Cantor Yosi Weintraub
This will be a virtual event only
10:30 am - Service

Please join us for a soulful, joyful, contemplative, and musical celebration of the morning of Yom Kippur, co-led by Emily Fox and Cantor Yosi Weintraub.  On this Day of A-tune-ment, may we each find the space to re-align our neshama/souls with our highest and most loving potential, gracing ourselves, each other, and our world with compassion, forgiveness, and renewal (a brief interpretative torah reading and Yizkor service will be included).

ZOOM link  (opens at 10:15)


Wednesday, October 5th

Neilah Service & Break the Fast

   4:45 pm – In-Home Gathering 
   5:00 pm – Neilah Service in Song (Closing the Gates)  5:00 pm
   6:00 pm – Break the Fast (Potluck) 

YouTube Link 5pm - https://youtu.be/cVo2wwOgGV8

   Neilah Service
Music led by Aruna Beth Rose and Rob Tobias with Jordan Michels. Renewal style music, prayer, and teaching.
   Break the Fast:
This is a potluck: Please bring a food dish to share. Biblically Kosher: No pork or shellfish products. Label meat or allergy ingredients, please.
Message Ad Olam if you need the address. Parking is limited. Park down the street and walk if you are able.


Spirit Heart Eugene is a wonderful new venue for us.
           "A House of Peace, Love, Joy, & Community"

Directions: at 1345 W. 16th Ave. (from Polk ST. go west on the bike path past two houses). 



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